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When SRSI discovers talent, it does not take long for the hiring process to run its course. Hector Quintero learned about SRSI from a former colleague and knew his passion for technology would make for a perfect match.
Quintero began engineer work when he studied at a university in Venezuela. He particularly found interest in automation and learned English so he could attend Florida State University where he received his second bachelor’s degree in Electric Engineering. Hector’s experience covers power distribution among two major OEM companies and his niche is in controls.
Looking ahead at his career, Hector is most excited about the growth at hand for SRSI and himself. “I expect BIG things for this company. SRSI is new, growing, and has new technology to learn and grow from. Chris and Ben are really smart, and I know I’ll have the chance to grow in my professionalism and exposure without big corporation restrictions,” mentions Quintero. SRSI values individual growth which is part of what makes the team so unique. Hector also looks forward to delving into the big picture of engineering tasks rather than specifically focusing on design and layout.
With the presence of COVID-19, everyone has acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms. Hector has picked up photography! With the help of online courses, he enjoys snapping family sunrise and sunset photos at the park. The creative flow is alive and well in the SRSI team, and we are very eager to have Hector join us.

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Hector Quintero
Controls Engineer
7301 State Highway 161 Suite 160
Irving, TX 75039-2811
O: 817-953-8740
E: [email protected]