The demand for global property tax management continues to grow, and SRSI-Talleyrand is among a select few firms in the world that are truly qualified to offer services in this area, and we are the only firm partnered with the International Property Tax Institute for this purpose. 


• In cooperation with our partner, Rethink Solutions, SRSI-Talleyrand offers iTAM Link, a secure, web-based, property tax and assessment management software solution for multi-property portfolios that supports the active management of real estate property assessment and taxation in today’s global economy.


• iTAM Link is the only ‘real estate’ property tax focused solution capable of managing and supporting global portfolios.


• iTAM Link’s data capture service is best in class. Uploading data and documents directly to iTAM Docs, captures relevant data from tax bills, assessment notices and other documents, then inputs the data directly into iTAM Link.


• iTAM Link contains unique data management tools enabling en masse data copy, update, import/export and data copy/paste to and from Excel (and other spreadsheet and database applications).


• iTAM Link offers a user-friendly, intuitive interface. Even with its power and sophistication.


• iTAM Link  is easily adopted by all levels of staff.



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