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Meet Maria!

Maria is the newest addition to the customer success team at SRSI as an Automation Service Technician. Her roots originate in the DFW metroplex, in the suburban city of Bedford, Texas. After attending community college, she went west and lived in Las Vegas for almost a decade. She then moved back to her hometown and enrolled in the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) where she graduated. From there, she learned automotive skills and gained knowledge in installation. Maria started off installing cables and began working on cars soon after.

Being a hands-on person, she specializes in fixing automotive issues effectively and efficiently. Her specialty started in the interior trim, using tools to take pieces apart and put them back together. Before joining SRSI, she did car extended warranties while also teaching Jui Jitsu at her local dojo. There, she met Account Executive, Steve Wilson. After finding out she had a niche in service repair, he introduced her to SRSI’s Customer Success Manager, Christian Barron, and the rest is history!

“The first time I went to a customer site with the team, I was amazed at how their operations were moving around in 2022. The processes were very interesting as well as the technology behind them. I’m super excited to learn all the systems we service,” Maria mentions.

Maria values the power of knowledge. From day one with SRSI, her mission has been to learn as much as she can from fellow service technicians, Ralph Martinez, and Aaron Vuocolo to be able to handle things on her own to diagnose and fix herself.

Entering a new industry has been nothing short of an eye-opening experience for Maria. “The efficiency is impressive, and it’s only going to continue to grow and improve through technology. I’m impressed and can see it evolve into a simplified and seamless operation,” says Maria.

As the material handling industry continues to evolve and grow at a fast rate, Maria is looking forward to traveling to customer sites where she can further her professional skills and delve deeper into the world of automation.

When she’s not on-site, Maria runs the ladies’ session at the Jui Jitsu dojo in her free time. Along with other members, she has a business for Jui Jitsu for women! The Customer Success team and the rest of SRSI are eager to have Maria aboard.

For service in your warehouse, contact us at 833-228-6902 or email [email protected].