Property taxes are the single greatest expense item for many owners. Unlike many other expenses, the property tax is controllable. 


The property tax professionals at SRSI-Talleyrand offer nationwide advisory, compliance, appeals, audit representation and outsourcing services for both real and tangible personal property. Our tax representatives command expertise within specialized asset classes to offer our clients the highest level of confidence and market insight. We also provide international property tax management services through our alliance with the International Property Tax Institute. 


For some portfolio owners, SRSI-Talleyrand provides a fully outsourced property tax department, offering packaged expertise without surplus overhead costs.


Our property tax professionals allow companies to:


• Identify and capitalize on tax savings opportunities that go to the bottom line.

• Gain management-critical insights into portfolio-wide expenses.

• Verify asset records and classification.

• Support credible assessment values for personal property and real property compliance.

• Centralize and create resource efficiencies in tax and data management.

• Apply a uniform approach to tax management that reduces overhead costs.

• Outsource property tax services that need not reside in-house.


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