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Brian MooreJoining SRSI’s team of engineers, Brian works remotely out of his home in Michigan.
Brian’s Story
Brian grew up outside a very small town in Illinois. His family could only afford to send one of their children to school, in which they chose Brian’s older sister. Nevertheless, Brian qualified for the US Navy’s nuclear engineering program and found opportunity and education there. While he was active duty, he completed 3 years of college and finished school once he was out.
Brian’s experience brought him many unique job opportunities including security, radio frequency shielding, military tech work, medical shielding, and more.  While this was challenging and fulfilling, Brian longed for a smaller, more tight-knit company environment.
Between engineering and project management, Brian prefers engineering. His experience as a PM taught him how to mitigate the inevitable communication and spec challenges that arise, and this really tested his boundaries. When Brian produces something for work, he expects it to be 100% right. Engineering allows him to fulfill accuracy in the work he produces and work with PMs in a transparent way since he has widely diversified experience.
Brian’s passion behind engineering comes from his aptitude for mathematics. He has always enjoyed learning new things and problem solving. CAD, for example, is a program Brian enjoys working with. “It becomes a therapeutic movement for me, like I’m playing a game of Tetris. I even go to sleep thinking about solutions to problems,” he notes.
Brian’s take on the Material Handling Industry
“I think material handling is a driver in the economy. 25 or 30 years ago we didn’t have expectations of receiving Amazon products within a day, and now that it’s here it’s expected to stay. Consumers won’t let it slow down or stop because they demand it. Our customers demand it, so we provide it as quickly and precisely as possible,” Brian explains. To him, the overall economy drives the material handling industry, meaning it has no other choice but to grow. Brian mentioned the key to our specific business is service and relationship building, which he recognized when considering a job with SRSI.
When joining SRSI, Brian thought long and hard about the point he is at in his career. He knew his priority was to find a good fit and a motivating, supportive team to settle in with. He quickly grew close to Chris York and Lenny Charles, SRSI leaders in engineering. Brian invests in the relationships he develops and is eager to immerse himself into the SRSI community.
His hobbies include playing guitar and working on his Harley motorcycle. Brian takes the entire bike apart and puts it back together more than he rides it, but it gives him quality time spent with one of his good mechanic friends. One of his favorite quotes is by Walter Ely – “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.”
The SRSI team looks forward to the experience Brian provides. He is excited to explore new ways of problem solving, improving processes where applicable, and continuously capitalizing on efficiency and consistency at SRSI.