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As SRSI’s team continues to grow on the solution and engineering side, so does the customer support side of the company. We are delighted to announce the onboarding of Christian Barron, SRSI’s Customer Success Manager.
Christian Barron
Christian resides in Dallas, TX, and is already making strides in adding to SRSI’s welcoming environment and team.
Christian’s experience in customer service and the material handling industry spans across multiple positions at various companies. After attending the University of Texas at Arlington studying mechanical engineering, Christian joined the workforce as a consultant at FedEx. It wasn’t long before he was promoted to Assistant Manager.
Later, Christian worked for the largest, by region and volume, material handling dealership in North Texas in their Service department. During his time there, Christian was part of a small team who implemented a new ERP system that would cultivate strong relationships with his colleagues. His attention to detail, strong communication skills, and ability to strengthen teamwork initiatives made him memorable to the now SRSI CFO, Tim O’Brien. Christian was eventually recruited to join the SRSI team to lead the Customer Success Department.
Christian knows the basics of keeping customers happy. What he’s particularly passionate about, however, is the financial side of service. Christian enjoys serving as a liaison between finance and operations to balance profitability and customer success.
When asked about the direction of the material handling industry, Christian commented about how people-focused it is today. “There’s more of an emphasis on respecting operators’ ideas and acknowledging their viewpoints. Instead of operations being only about the biggest and ‘best’ systems, there is a lot more intention and thought being put into systems being ergonomic, user-friendly, and fuel-efficient. The individuals getting things done on a daily basis are being prioritized more. SRSI provides more focus on streamlining the operator’s day, and it’s part of what really makes us unique.”
Christian’s short-term goals include building relationships with our customers and getting maintenance and service contracts in line. His ultimate goal at SRSI is to constantly maintain service and not give any one of our customers a reason to go anywhere else. Christian’s already taking advantage of absorbing knowledge and expertise from others on the SRSI team. “My notebook is constantly being added to as I learn from people who have 20+ years in the industry.” he adds.
“It’s so refreshing to work on a team where people are open to new ideas and do not push ‘their way’ on anyone. Everyone is willing to listen about ideas to bring the best solutions. We’re not on the team to only be profitable – we’re here to keep our customers safe and optimize their operations. No matter who our customers are, safety will always be our #1 priority,” Christian explains.
Aside from working with SRSI customers, Christian enjoys building model cars, spending time with his wife and toddler son, and working out at the gym. He’s recently also picked up playing the guitar. At the end of the day, Christian always reminds himself of the countless reasons to not complain. We have no complaints either – we are excited for the work Christian is already doing for SRSI and eager for our customers to meet and work with him!