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We are excited to highlight one of our recent additions to SRSI’s Engineering Team, Mason Thompson!

About Mason

Mason Thompson
Mason was born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area. He studied mechanical engineering at Penn State and currently resides in South Carolina with his wife and three kids. Mason’s Favorite hobbies include spending his spare time with his kids, specifically fishing with them. Any adventure with family is fun for him!
Through his many years working at Frazier, a leading manufacturer of industrial storage rack, Mason went from quoting to utilizing his engineering skills. He then shifted gears to servicing the oil and gas industry for some time.
Mason worked with Chris York, cofounder of SRSI, during his time at Frazier and helped him win a lot of business. He provided quality work that stood out from others and made him a memorable colleague. This led Chris to stay connected with Mason over the years and eventually welcome him onto the SRSI team.

A New Start in a Familiar Industry

“The material handling industry is very interesting to me. I’ll grow and learn a lot working with SRSI, and I’ll get a chance to learn about more systems, specifically automated systems compared to the narrower solutions I’ve worked with in the past.” Mason says.
Mason’s intentions are clear and valuable to SRSI and its customers. “My short and long-term goals are to expose myself to a lot and in a quick manner,” he adds. “I want to help this company be successful. We are all very busy, so I want to help take on work and lighten others’ loads so we can all be successful together.”
When asked about the direction of material handling and its effects on the economy, Mason noted, “Everything will become more automated as it’s hard to find people for the workforce and respond to end-users’ demand for quick turnaround. Direct-to-customer shipment is a great example of that. SRSI is in a perfect spot to accommodate the growth companies need because of the solutions we provide and our unique team that delivers high-quality, effective designs.” It is apparent that Mason will not only fit in well with the SRSI team but will also add a great amount of value to our efforts.

Advice From Mason

Mason lives by this saying, “Do what you do to the best of your ability and be proud of it,” which he learned from his father. This advice has obviously lived on throughout his career and will continue to motivate Mason and his colleagues throughout his engineering work. We are excited to have him join SRSI and for him to bring value to our customers!