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SRSI is happy to announce a new addition to our engineering team, Bryan Riley. Bryan joins us as Senior Controls Engineer from Ontario, California. His career started when he joined the Navy as an electronics technician. After the Navy, Bryan started in his position of entry level controls. His journey to the material handling industry began as he was a controls contractor for 22 years. He worked for various customers until he settled at Under Armour- his first exposure to distribution and material handling.

A specialty of Bryan’s is being a perfectionist. His strong point being that he fine tunes and won’t stop working until he finds the perfect strategy for each project.

Bryan heard about SRSI from connections AB Beasley, director of operations: engineering and project management, and Steve Wilson, account executive for system solutions. Along with systems solution manager, Mark Wry, Bryan previously worked with them all at Under Armour. He saw from them that SRSI embodies a great business philosophy and care for its team members.

He sees the material handling industry as ever-growing and changing. “This is a great industry to be in, distribution will continue to grow at a faster rate and more companies are moving toward automation,” he says.

Bryan’s short-term goals are to be as big as a benefit to the company as possible and fill in where he can be of value. With that, his long-term goal is to become a programmer for SRSI.

“I am very excited about joining the team at SRSI. I love the company’s business strategy and approach. Especially the people and work culture. I see the opportunity to push myself and grow,” Bryan adds.

When he is not working, Bryan enjoys golfing and especially, deep sea fishing. Other hobbies of his are doing at-home projects outside and working on his house. His favorite quote is “do or do not, there is no try” by the one and only Yoda.

We are so excited to have Bryan join our team! Connect with him on LinkedIn to stay updated with SRSI.