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We are excited to introduce Agustín Medina, Engineer for SRSI Mexico! He joined the team in November 2022, and got down to work successfully. He is originally from Yucatán, a state located in the Mexican Caribbean. In 2016, he decided to move to Monterrey to get a master’s degree in industrial engineering at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

He was introduced to the material handling industry six years ago, when he began working on automating end-of-line and packaging projects. He was amazed by the variety of needs and challenges every client had, which led him to create different solutions. Thanks to this experience, he realized he really enjoyed learning about new technology and thinking how he can solve his client’s problems.

In his role as engineer in charge of developing automated solutions in SRSI, his short-term goal is to expand his knowledge in supply chain and intralogistics operations. Long-term, he wants to help positioning SRSI México as the leading reference in the industry.

He sees the material handling industry in Mexico as an important factor for companies, due to the new government regulations on ergonomics. Therefore, this will bring a great opportunity to start automating the processes in distribution centers and warehouses. As a result, they have the chance to optimize their operations, and at the same time, they can take care of their workers.

Agustín is excited to be working in complex automation projects that include robotics, software, and other advanced technologies. Having that opportunity has been the best part of working with SRSI.

Outside of work, he finds joy riding his bike on the road and mountains. He also loves running and participating in competitions.

We are eager to have Agustín join the SRSI team and cannot wait to see what he will accomplish! Connect with him on LinkedIn to keep up with his journey in our company.