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Expert Conveyor System Concept, Design and Execution


Warehouses routinely rely on conveyor systems to seamlessly move and sort products. The design, scope and implementation of these systems rely on a variety of factors, including size, output level and scalable workflow needs. SRSI has spent years helping our clients determine their conveyor system needs and implement quality facility-specific solutions.

Our team will conduct a detailed analysis of your product, from unit loads to eaches, discuss ways to use conveyor systems to reduce cost and, carefully select the correct level of conveyor technology to meet your unique needs.

The core SRSI team consists of experienced and committed industry veterans with hundreds of successful conveyor deployments between them. Trust us to make your next automation project a success.


Reliable – Efficient – Cost Effective

When it comes to choosing the right conveyor system for your warehouse, it’s critical that you find a design that perfectly dovetails with your output needs, facility size and scope of operations. SRSI has the skills, resources and expertise to help your warehouse implement and utilize all types of conveyor systems, including:

SRSI Custom Conveyor Solutions

SRSI has been helping warehouses fully leverage the speed, scalability and performance of Honeywell Intelligrated systems for years.

Interroll Conveyor Systems

We are a trusted, reputable and established installer of Interroll systems, and are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Conveyor Systems

All Types & Applications

SRSI believes in delivering our clients the most reliable, performance-ready and efficient products. To that end, we partner with the very best – Honeywell Intelligrated® and Interroll Conveyor Systems. These companies and their products have earned their place as industry standards because of their speed, versatility and performance. Each of these systems has its own unique implementation benefits and advantages, and we are eager to help you integrate them into your operations.

Gravity (Non-Powered)

These easy-to-install systems require no power and can be scalably designed to fit all size warehouses. are often used for operations that require packaging and pallet handling, assembly, and kitting and for truck off-loading sites. Gravity systems are often positioned on an incline to naturally accelerate the movement of goods.

Live Roller

Live roller conveyor systems are economical, low-maintenance conveyor options that can be adapted to many different industries, including warehouses, beverage distribution, manufacturing and more. The systems are powered to move cartons or pallets toward their sortation destination. SRSI offers reliable professional and affordable design and implementation of live roller systems.


Get the most out of these intelligent and intuitive systems with a trusted and reputable partner for application. Sortation systems sort products to other lines and destinations using pushers, wheels, or sliding shoes to achieve higher throughput rates in a system. There are multiple types of sortation systems that can be implemented, according to your facility’s budget and space limitations.

Zone Routing

Looking for a conveyor system with a literal mind of its own? Zone routing systems are smartly designed to route cartons through a pick system to a specific zone within your facility. Zone routing systems offer considerable time-savings and are best reserved for busy and high-output warehouses with limited personnel. SRSI offers skilled and seamless implementation of zone routing systems.


Accumulation conveyor systems offer maximum product throughput and can regulate lags in workflow by temporarily buffering products. They also save energy, reduce wear and tear on your system and pallets, and prevent damage of your products. Let SRSI help you explore the full benefits of accumulation systems for your warehouse or production facility.

Transfers, Merge & Diverts

Customize pallet loads and increase your productivity by implementing intelligent merge-and-divert technology. These systems are available in multiple different configurations, and SRSI is ready to help you decide if these systems are right for you.

Unit Load (Pallet Handling)

Quickly bundle goods and containers for increased efficiency and product output. Unit load conveyor systems offer high-speed, intuitive performance, and can move incoming pallets to the right place at the right time for loading, unloading, or for the storage of bulk goods. They also ensure efficient, stable pallet flow into and out of storage and allow for proper sequence for outbound shipments.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC)

These safe, affordable and versatile systems help you raise and lower materials, whether you operate a factory, warehouse, distribution center, industrial plant, institutions, or anywhere that products or supplies need to be moved from one level to another. VRCs provide fast, efficient and convenient access to and from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple-story buildings. There are multiple types of vertical conveyor systems, including spiral conveyors, which require less overall floorspace.


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