Optimized Fulfillment On A Case By Case Basis

Picking SYstems

Case picking is one of those operations where not only getting it right the first time, but regular monitoring of inventory cycle times is critical. Fast movers are often best picked right from the pallet and depending on how fast a mover… floor positioning or pallet flow with a reserve pallet or two could be the best option. Medium movers often are best positioned in carton flow where the pallet is unloaded into a flow system that allows deep, orderly and space maximizing carton storage. Slower movers are often best stored in static shelving… but as with all things material handling, it depends on your specific inventory, space availability, workforce and budget.

That’s where partnering with the SRSI team can net you big operational savings. We have decades of experience finding the right mix of systems and operations to optimize inventory throughput while maximizing your warehousing footprint and labor force.

Full-Case Picking Advantages and Benefits
  • Maximize picking and replenish labor efficiencies
  • Simplify the consolidation of conveyable and non-conveyable
  • Build orders in unique sequences to maximize trailer cube utilization and minimize delivery labor

With our design process, we create systems that are as innovative with the minimal amount of resources. We help you figure out how best to use and combine many different technologies in order for your Full Case Order Picking system be successful!

All Types & Applications

Pallet Flow

A pallet flow rack system is specifically designed for those with limited building space that are seeking a high density storage system solution. Pallet flow systems are ideal for those looking for a FIFO pallet storage system providing maximum storage density. Pallet flow provides FIFO (First In, First Out) inventory control and is preferred for products requiring stock rotation of time sensitive or perishable goods.

Carton Flow

Carton flow racking is a first in, first out style of storage system. Utilizing a rolling track and the force of gravity, carton flow racking pushes product forward as it is picked from the front of the rack. This type of system can be installed in nearly any existing pallet rack system. Carton flow racking generally does not necessitate any additional materials or supports to the system that you already have.

Static Pallet Rack

A static pallet racking is a racking system built to handle unmoving or static loads. These are made to act more as shelves to products and can carry heavy loads. It provides easy access to the shelves and all of the products and is one of the most common types of racking. Static pallet racking can carry a variety of goods at the same time due to their adjustable heights and shelving.

Layer Picking

Layer picking is a method of order selection used in high-volume staging or mixing centers that allows for full layers of cases to be picked in one single pick from a pallet using a clamp or suction attachment device. Layer picking applications have steadily gained in popularity, especially over the last 5 years, specifically in high-volume, case-pick applications – i.e. grocery & beverage, to meet the increasing demand for product and ever expanding SKU volume.

Powered/Gravity Conveyor

Conveyor systems are an effective means for transporting all types of materials quickly and efficiently from one location to another. They are able to safely transport materials from one level to another while moving loads of all shapes, sizes and weights. They come in many different variations depending on the needs of different industries and have the flexibility to set up quickly and easily to save on assembly and installation time.


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