Interroll Conveyor Systems

Combining Forces: Interroll Brought To You By SRSI

Interroll Conveyor Systems

Interroll is a global leader in the material handling solutions landscape, with nearly 60 years as a trusted and relied-upon resource for all types of manufacturing, warehouse and production facilities. The company offers a wide range of conveyor and sortation system solutions to fit any space’s output needs, spatial concerns, expansion goals and budget. As experienced and trusted leaders in our own right, SRSI knows and appreciates quality when we see it, which is why we’re pleased to bridge the gap between your space’s needs and Interroll’s superior line of products and systems. Contact our staff today to learn more about how to integrate these systems into your facility.

System Advantages and Benefits
  • Energy-efficient and safe 24V drives and silent operation
  • High throughput and easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty belt conveyors
  • Flexible side guides and sensor positions and premium scalability

The reality is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to material handling and every company’s goals, resources and capabilities are unique. One of the primary assets of Interroll’s products and systems is that they fill a need for increased customization and scalability of operations. Our strategic integration specialists will help you leverage the capabilities of these dynamic solutions in a way that makes sense for your specific business needs.

Introduction To
The Interroll Line

SRSI Has Helped Businesses Just Like Yours Discover The Benefits Of Interroll’s Diverse And Intuitive Line Of Products, Including But Not Limited To:

Modular Control
Platforms (MCPs)

Modular Control
Platforms (MCPs)

  • Energy-efficient and safe 24V drives
  • High throughput & scalability
  • Heavy-duty belt conveyors
  • Flexible side guides and sensor positions
  • Unified profiles and interfaces
  • No pneumatics & easy maintenance


Sortation Systems

  • Horizontal High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter (Better Performance, Low Maintenance and Quieter Operation)
  • Horizontal Crossbelt Sorter (Recirculate goods that have either not been recognized by identification technology or have not been discharged)
  • Vertical Crossbelt Sorter (Operators can manually feed goods directly onto this accumulating conveyor.

SRSI can also help you take full advantage of Interroll’s industry-leading belt curve systems designs. Interroll is the world’s leading manufacturer of power belt curve and spiral belt conveyors for the baggage, parcel, warehousing, and distribution markets, offering the most reliable and longest-lasting belt curve. Their Portec curve system has been an industry standard for over 60 years and has been used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Rolling On

Rolling On Interroll® is an exclusive program for selected Interroll partners. It is a statement for quality and leadership in our industry and a global quality certificate.

This strategic program underlines Interroll’s business model as a neutral provider of key products for internal logistics with open platforms and a strong partner for plant and machinery construction companies worldwide.

“Growing Together” is the motto of the ROI community, enabling a unique opportunity for networking & best practice exchanged with peers and potential for joint business development. SRSI is proud to have joined this partnership and greatly appreciate the further opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

Are You Ready To Interroll With It?

Interroll’s products and systems have been used in multiple industries, and yours is one of them. The experienced, committed and qualified integration specialists at SRSI are ready to help you determine which one of these unique, customized, and scalable solutions best suits your organization’s needs. The process starts with you telling us what you’re looking for in a conveyor and sortation system. We will then assess your needs and propose a specific material-handling system plan that combines conveyor and sortation systems that are not only the best, but the best solution for you. Contact SRSI today to see what we can do for you.


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