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Businesses are expected to have a massive growth in the coming years — one of at least 58%. One of the biggest challenges they will meet is their lack of logistical awareness and ability to adapt to this sudden scale-up. Their capabilities hampered as well as their b2b fulfillment.

All of us are trying to do more with less.

That’s the main motto in this day and age. One of the biggest questions you may face is how do you expand in an optimized manner, grow productively, while also superseding service and actions that may hamper your progress? In distribution this means changing relationships, distribution automating processes, specializing assembly, kitting services, modern ERP solutions, and integrated systems that are less tolerant of errors and demand robust platforms, and expertly trained personnel.

Are you up for today’s challenges? Are your expectations and those of your customers being met? Are you one of those 11% winners running the pack or are you simply trying to keep up with the pace?

System Solutions for
Wholesale Fulfillment



Selective Racks: fast access and flexible full-pallet storage. An easy-to-implement solution for handling manufacturing equipment. Sustains FIFO (first-in/first-out).
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SRSI has spent years helping our clients determine their conveyor system needs and implement quality facility-specific solutions.
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The four main types of high-speed sortation systems include tilt-tray, cross-belt, Bombay sorters, and slide-shoe sorters.
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Automated guidance vehicles are machines of varying size that are guided by either wires or embedded track in your facility. They can also be guided by light, radio waves cameras or magnets.
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VLMs store items within the front and rear of the unit and with the help of an extractor device in the middle. They automatically pick and deliver the selected item to the access opening with the push of a button.
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Pick modules: Optimize your order performance and processing and manufacturing material handling equipment. Minimize labor and machine costs with a compressed configuration for pallet storage and item pick-up.
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srsi introduction
Introducing SRSI’s RAFT ASRS

SRSI guarantees to optimize your b2b wholesale warehouse shelving and deliver a strong, highly robust system that is up to date on today’s challenges. A b2b fulfillment system that seamlessly delivers operations tracking, better services, and more flexible management solutions.

The world is changing fast — industries are at the mercy of the implementations and optimizations their competitors employ. Key innovations that reduce processing time, cut cost, create efficient shortcuts —that improve an order fulfillment warehouse overall process.

At SRSI we help you stay on the vanguard of change.

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Automation for warehousing

Are you being proactive with your supply chains? Are you making an impact with the way you use and handle your manufacturing equipment?

Most industries are certain that managing and optimizing their manufacturing equipment is the one competitive edge they can’t afford to miss out on. Today’s overwhelming need to stay at the forefront of change is a major challenge that’s disrupting business owners’ way of improving their supply chains and MO.

The manufacturing is expected to reach massive proportions in the coming years, with a 24% annual scale up.

The way YOU handle your manufacturing equipment and automation processes devoted to them will be instrumental in the way you fulfill your contracts and gain new clients. It will be a major determining factor in building a more robust company — one that has the upper hand when it comes to competitors.

Stages of Work

Do you need a more robust way of dealing with your industry’s handling equipment? As a manufacturing company are you looking for an innovative solution that implements tomorrow’s tech with today’s atomization processes? Are you experiencing manufacturing issues? The way we handle our supply chain is critical to the way we manage our business. Most suppliers, nowadays, are facing a massive upswell in workloads and deliveries. A bottleneck situation that, if the numbers are to be believed, will have a huge consequence on their overall logistics — primarily in their manufacturing processes, handling of equipment, and distribution.

You need to adapt to today’s demands while being flexible enough to pivot to tomorrow’s challenges — employ limber, groundbreaking tech and impact the way you handle your materials and your company’s manufacturing requirements.

How SRSI can help?

At SRSI, we promise to advance the way you interact with your manufacturing equipment.

Consulting: Supervising and checking every facet of your current platform. Making a full-scale investigation that highlights your strengths and gives you clear simple solutions on how to deal with your weaknesses.

Products & Services: SRSI provides you innovative preeminent tech and high-level assistance that is customizable to your requirements and objectives. A carefully constructed model that implements affordable state-of-the-art solutions that will help you keep up with the market’s demands.

Installation: We offer a professional staff with high standards that can help you implement these changes. Not just from a hardware and software POV — but also in your logistics and the general mindset. Front-line results and installations spearheaded by experts.

Maintenance: We constantly monitor, upgrade, and manage your systems every step of the way. At SRSI we guarantee to keep you at the forefront of change, constantly improving your manufacturing needs and advancing its potential.


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