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Genisis SegundoWhile SRSI continuously improves and grows our customer service and solutions experts, we are also continuing to build a strong team of experts in our Engineering division. We are proud to announce the onboarding of our most recent Associate Engineer, Genisis Segundo. Coming to us from Irving, TX, Genisis will join our other engineers in creating innovative and industry-breaking solutions.

Genisis graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering. This area of study first intrigued Miss Segundo after she watched a video of some individuals who built a bicycle using a 3-D printer and was specifically interested in how it related to integration and calculus.

Genesis 3D PrinterWith 3-D printing at the forefront of Genisis’s engineering passion, she took the opportunity to design and build 3D printing filament from recycled water bottles for her senior project. Genisis’s passion for environmental efforts reflects the power and innovation behind young engineers, sure to lead to major breakthroughs in technology for the Material Handling Industry and beyond.

SRSI connected with Genisis on LinkedIn, and once she learned about the company’s goals to provide the highest quality warehouse solutions in the industry, she was interested in being a part of those efforts. Segundo adds, “I am really interested in seeing a project move from start to finish – learning every step as to how we build our solutions.”

Looking ahead at her first career step in engineering, Genisis feels inspired to find her niche in Material Handling. She finds joy in many of the challenges brought to her, so she looks forward to exploring the work she excels in and enjoys the most. Some various industry work she is excited about experiencing includes solutions for hydroponics, plastics in soil, and reducing carbon footprints in warehouses and distribution centers.

Genisis cherished the hands-on experience and education she received from Texas State University and is ready to put it to use. “I know I will like the fact that working at SRSI means working on different projects all the time. I know I will not ever be bored or buried in tedious work,” Genisis mentions.

With the presence of COVID-19 this year, many people have acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms while doing their best to stay healthy and safe. Quarantine for Genisis included finishing school and working out, two of her favorite things.

The team at SRSI is ecstatic to welcome Genisis and we cannot wait for her to start making a difference in the company, in our customers’ lives, and in the industry. Connect with Genisis today and give her a warm welcome to the SRSI family!

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Genisis Segundo
Associate Engineer
7301 State Highway 161 Suite 160
Irving, TX 75039-2811
E: [email protected]