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SRSI welcomes yet another Account Executive for Business Solutions, Judson Hellman. Judd joins us from Houston, TX with a degree in Business Administration and Economics from Southwestern University. We call Judd the handyman for material handling solutions because he is truly a Jack of All Trades.
Judd knew he wanted to be in sales and originally was interested in working in the medical field, but when a college buddy’s dad introduced him to a material handling company after graduating, he could not pass up the opportunity. Little did he know this job would lead to his career and expertise in one of the largest, most fast-growing industries.
He grew a lot, learned a lot, and overcame many challenges that taught him the importance of diversification and how to be versatile. There are many pieces to making a project work and run smoothly and Judd learned all aspects of operations in his early career.
Judd went on to work with racking designs and quickly grew a passion for systems and. He worked with Chris and Ben York in many projects and watched them build SRSI into something truly unique in the material handling industry.
Hellman comments regarding the company, “Many integrators lack a healthy combination of diverse expertise and technical experience, but SRSI is equipped with a valuable, wide range of engineers, amazing Project Managers and Operations team, and a sales group with a varied background of focus areas.”
Judd knows his expertise lies within his ability to effectively look at situations in a big picture aspect. As SRSI continued establishing credit, he knew he wanted to be a part of it. He could not stop thinking or talking about it and finally decided he was ready for this transition in his career. He plans to continuously grow, learn, and progress in the company, and everyone is confident he will provide great resources to our team when it comes to building and maintaining valuable relationships with customers.
We know he will act as the glue that holds many projects together because of his extensive background in making sure everything runs well and in a sustainable manner. Judd adds value to our mission with his attention to detail and dedication to great work.
With the presence of COVID-19 this year, many people have acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms. Judd is accustomed to working constantly and hardly making it home in time for dinner with his family, so while the pandemic was and is still a huge tragedy, Judd was able to benefit from quarantining. He spent some much-needed time with his wife and two daughters. According to his girls, Judd is too rough with the baby and barbie dolls, so he was encouraged to make ALL the paracord bracelets. Judd said his fingers were sore raw from how many paracord bracelets he made! He even made a new collar for their family dog. Judd and his wife celebrated their 10th anniversary during quarantine as well. SRSI proudly honors and encourages a healthy work-life balance which will certainly add to this positive transition in Judd’s career.
We are delighted to have Judd join the team and know he will be the perfect addition to the solutions we provide. Connect with him today!

Judson Hellman
Account Executive Business Solutions
O: (281) 760-4201 C: (713) 858-6332
E: [email protected]
W: www.GoSRSI.com