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SRSI is happy to announce the newest Software Solutions Account Executive, Steve Johnson! Joining us from Indiana in our Solutions Specialists division, Steve’s focus will surround the SwiftCurrent software aspect of our services. When looking at Steve’s background one will find he comes from a large family, grew up independent, worked for everything he earned and was highly involved with multiple sports growing up including football, wrestling, cheerleading, and rugby.

Johnson attended Butler University where he studied Marketing and Biology. He put his Marketing degree and other relational skills to use when he began working for a major logistics company. Steve quickly built connections and experience in this job and became an account executive for e-commerce with a focus on software for ERP, WMS, and transportation. Business development was Johnson’s next focus as he grew his industry expertise throughout his career.
Steve’s background spans from providing solutions like hardware-software for small start-up companies, digital advertising spaces, and demos through his software expertise. These experiences made up Steve’s favorite part of the industry: helping others and solving problems. His initial attraction to SRSI stemmed from the fact that the company is a “one-stop-shop.” It is so simple, as it should be, to get the help one needs quickly and easily at SRSI. The team operates by solving problems and helping build customers’ dreams at the same time, and Steve loves that about his new occupation. As he mentions, “when our customers are successful, we are successful!”
Steve is eager to bring his leadership and management skills into future relationships of prospects and clients as a Software Solutions Account Executive. “Having years of wealth being in sales for 25+ years taught me how to be transparent, authentic, and honest. People may purchase products, but they are really buying from the individual. It’s all about trust,” adds Johnson.
Looking ahead at the next few years, Steve hopes to succeed and make a significant impact on clients’ experiences with SRSI. He states, “my goal is to be a constant expert and always be available to our clients.” Steve looks forward to providing an abundance of hardware software and systems right where it is most needed.
“Dream it. See it. Live it.” Steve Johnson reminds himself of this constantly and embodies a positive mindset when making decisions and interacting with those around him. “I am extremely excited to work with Ross, Ben, and Jovan and help customers be leaders in their space and in the country,” says Steve. He enjoys helping others become successful and loves the challenge of helping customers discover issues that need solving. Steve will be a fantastic addition to our team as he grows our network and continues to provide solutions!
With the presence of COVID-19 this year, many people have acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms while doing their best to stay healthy and safe. Steve committed to his health at the onset of quarantining by hitting 10,000 steps every day! He says he got in the best shape of his life and had a blast while doing it. He and his family had the privilege of ziplining, tubing, hiking, horseback riding, and created more memories from being outside rather than inside.
The SRSI team is just as excited for Steve to start as he is. His onboarding means more commitment to our customers, more turn-key solutions, and more success for not only the company but, most importantly, our customers! Connect with Steve today:

Steven Johnson
Software Solutions Account Executive
7301 State Hwy 161
Suite 160 Irving, TX 75039
M: 317-693-3337
E: [email protected]