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Meet Nerio Viera!

SRSI is delighted to welcome Nerio Viera to the SRSI team as the newest Junior Controls Engineer. Coming to us originally from Venezuela, Nerio moved to the United States in 2019. He joins us with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s in automation. After finishing his higher education, Nerio worked in a well-known manufacturing plant in Venezuela as a support engineer for process and maintenance departments, then as the coordinator of computers and control systems, then as head of automation (control systems) and finally, 4 years as an automation manager (control systems, electricity and instrumentation). This portion of his career spanned about 21 years.

Looking back on how Nerio became involved in his work, one can start early in Nerio’s education. As technology evolved in Venezuela, Nerio became familiar with computers in the 90’s. He realized his passion for math and logic and thought of his profession as a perfect fit. Nerio’s uncle was a programmer and watching him work and succeed inspired Nerio to follow a similar path. He looked up to his ability and intelligence. Computer engineering was a new career program at The Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University, the school he attended in Venezuela, and after graduating Nerio gained work experience and decided to return for his master’s degree. Obtaining his master’s degree was no easy feat; Nerio attended school every Saturday for two years to graduate with a degree in controls engineering and process automation.

Now that Nerio has transitioned into the material handling industry, he’s experiencing many new things he has never seen before – warehouse management systems (WMS), software, various types of conveyor systems, and much more. He mentioned he’s ready to hit the ground running and excited to learn how to support SRSI clients. His goal is to become move his way up to being a controls engineer at SRSI, and later grow into a management position. He looks forward to calling SRSI ‘home’ for a long while. He mentions, “this is an enterprise with a lot of exciting things happening. I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Nerio discovered SRSI through a mutual Venezuelan friend, Hector, one of SRSI’s controls engineers. It led to be a perfect match, mutually beneficial for Nerio and the SRSI team. Nerio currently lives in Plano, TX with his family and works at active job sites as well as at the Irving, TX office. In his free time, Nerio enjoys gathering with friends and family at neighborhood parties and kicking back at the pool. His family gets together once a month to enjoy each other’s company and eat great food. He also loves traveling, taking his daughters bowling, listening to music, and cooking. Nerio’s favorite dishes to make include Italian sausage pasta, barbecue, and seafood rice. Family is everything for Nerio, and he recently sent his older daughter off to college.

The quote Nerio likes to remind himself and others, especially younger folks, is, “it is never too late to learn something new. All knowledge is power.” SRSI was incredibly thankful for Nerio to accept this position and join the team. We are very excited to see the great work he will accomplish and the solutions he will provide for SRSI customers! Connect with Nerio on LinkedIn and reach out to our team with any service or systems needs you have in your warehouse or distribution center.