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Bryan Chuba SRSI welcomes Bryan Chuba to the team as our newest Project Manager. After COVID-19 resulted in unemployment for Bryan, he found SRSI and showed interested. With experience in automation, robotics, material handling, and project management, it was clear that Chuba’s onboarding was a great fit. Bryan has 30+ years of engineering under his belt with 20 of those years relating to automation, robotics, and material handling. Bryan first discovered an interest in engineering in high school, but after spending 15 years in military work, he felt ready to dive into the material handling industry. With integration being Bryan’s niche, he is prepared to take care of customers from the initial overview of the project scope, track-locking and site surveys, to full layout and preliminary design reviews. Bryan is excited to be present every step of the way during a project making sure every requirement is met. This drive comes from Bryan’s passion for taking on challenges.
Bryan looks forward to working in design engineering with the opportunity to work with automation and robotics, something that aligns well with his background. Like SRSI, Chuba is ambitious for growth. He hopes to eventually take on greater roles within the company leveraging his international connections. We also look forward to gaining a stronger global presence!
With the presence of COVID-19, everyone has acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms. Bryan has spent quarantining enjoying time with his kids and learning Mandarin Chinese from his wife. It is apparent that Bryan is always ready for a challenge as this is the fifth language he is learning! Welcome, Bryan, we’re glad to have you join the team and cannot wait to see how you make an impact on the company and the material handling industry.
Connect with Bryan today:
Bryan Chuba
Project Manager
7301 N. State Highway 161
Irving, Texas 75039
C: 864-508-1168
E: [email protected]