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Michael Shannon

Born and raised in Chicagoland, Michael Shannon joins SRSI ready to make a big impact as our newest System Solutions Associate. It is easy to see how well-rounded, motivated, and interpersonal Shannon is. Community college helped him determine the direction he wanted to take his education, and Mike went from studying business to engineering in his undergrad career. He graduated from Northern Illinois University later returning to earn his master’s in industrial engineering.

Stepping into the working world meant starting his first job at a ready-to-eat popcorn manufacturer, and Mike says he learned a lot of weird stuff! His next job was with a logistics company where, as an Industrial Engineer, worked on system implementations, building layout, and much more. Michael began to realize his passion for enhancing customer experiences and utilized that through further positions in Supply Chain and other opportunities in the Material Handling Industry. These ultimately led Shannon to consulting.

Moving Forward with Material Handling

After being laid off during the pandemic and building relationships through consulting, Mike stayed connected with a former boss of his who happens to be a current customer of SRSI. Consulting was a sufficient occupation for Michael while he was in between career opportunities., but his former boss saw so much more potential for Mike. He was highly encouraged to meet with SRSI CEO, Ben York, and VP of Sales & Marketing, Jovan Bjelobrk. The group chatted about how they can be partners and Michael came to realize about halfway through the conversation that it sounded more like an interview than a discussion. “We think we could actually work together – not just as partners but as coworkers,” Michael recalls the SRSI leaders noting. It was evident the three of them aligned in their work values – and before he knew it Michael became a part of the SRSI team. “Everything happens for a reason and my mentor from my last job really wanted the best for me,” Michael adds.

Shannon chased Engineering in his early career because the discipline includes a large aspect of the human element. He learned how to do time studies by watching processes and how the human body moves and looked at productivity, safety, and ergonomics to improve processes. All these practices come to help people, processes, and technology. People, Process, and Technology are the 3 pillars Shannon considers when looking at new challenges. “The human element often gets overlooked when considering solutions for a warehouse or distribution center. I like to ask myself, ‘how can I set up this space to not only function to help the people operate but also how to utilize the benefits of automation to offset other challenges.’ Automation can be part of every solution. We’re not trying to take humans out of the equation but determining how to balance and combine the two,” Michael adds.

A Bright Future with SRSI

This new opportunity with SRSI will allow Shannon to expand on his passion for solving problems through interpersonal skills. He plans to expand partnerships and looks forward to becoming the partner of many organizations to take customers on a journey of growth and success. Michael’s familiarity with the industry and his engineering background makes him a unique asset to the SRSI team. He is confident he will fill gaps to make the solution process more clear, productive, and effective. Shannon states, “I love problems because they lead to solutions!”

With the presence of COVID-19 this year, many people have acquired new hobbies, activities, and norms while doing their best to stay healthy and safe. Michael’s mother always made pickled tomatoes which inspired him to learn the recipe during the lockdown period. He proudly grew and pickled his own tomatoes that produced a nostalgic taste. Michael also took advantage of valuable time with his wife and two daughters and recalls how great it was to be around for all the ‘crazy’; watching them grow up makes him feel very present. Mike values being present in all situations and is eager to connect with new customers. SRSI is happy to welcome him into the team and knows he will bring valuable experience and expertise to every project opportunity. Connect with Mike today and start your growth and success journey!

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Michael Shannon
System Solutions Associate
7301 N. State Highway 161
Suite 160
Irving, Texas 75039
E: [email protected]