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SRSI is delighted to announce our new WMS Specialist from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jim Harjo Jr.

Jim initially began in the call center industry, where he worked in for about 10-12 years. At his last call center job, his site manager introduced him to the warehousing industry for process improvement for their client. From there, he fell in love and never looked back.

What most interested Jim about the warehousing industry when he started was the work. The physical aspect of being on his feet and on the go. He says, “it was a great mesh from a personality perspective,” and that he loved the people he worked with in the warehousing industry. “Ever since I started, it clicked for me; I could see opportunities that are there from a process perspective and systems perspective,” Jim added.

Jim’s specialty is being the translator between operations and IT. “I’ve been able to speak both languages to be an impactful liaison between departments and bridge that gap for those two groups.”

In the search for more opportunities, Jim came across a job listing for WMS Specialist from SRSI on LinkedIn. While looking at the company, he saw that it was a growing, up-and-coming company and it excited him. Prior to his new role at SRSI, Jim worked at Walmart and before that, worked for a small start-up. The growing environment he experienced at the start-up is what attracted him to SRSI.

His short- and long-term goals are to be a subject matter expert on all the systems and hardware we use to support our customers. “In expansion to the vendors we use, and supporting from a WMS and robotics standpoint, I want to continue to grow my knowledge in the material handling industry,” he says.

Jim is most excited to work with the multiple customers we have at SRSI as well as dipping his toe into more of the robotics and automation side of things. “SRSI exposes you to multiple warehouses and industries; there is so much opportunity to learn so much,” Jim adds.

Outside of work, Jim is family man. He loves spending time with his wife and two kids and planning the next memorable family vacation. In his free time, you can find Jim on the golf course with his son, or on the sidelines supporting his daughter at her soccer game.

His favorite quote to live by is “Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.” We are so glad to have Jim part of the SRSI team and look forward to seeing him thrive! Connect with him on LinkedIn and follow our page to keep up with our team.