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SRSI Warehouse Automation

Stick with SRSI for the Best Route to the New World

If you’ve happened upon our new blog series looking for actionable, measurable and easy-to-understand warehousing trends and tips… WELCOME! If you’ve come here for the latest material handling automation and tech news for supply chain and goods distribution, we’re going to do our best to help you. If you’ve come here looking for the latest film reviews or chicken recipes… well gee, welcome? But you may want to check to see if your browser has a virus.
We’re Slate River Systems, Inc. or as we like to say (and will do so repeatedly) SRSI. We’re new, but not, to the material handling industry. We’re seasoned material handling experts and our team is made of experienced engineers, systems designers and integrators. We have our eyes on the future of warehousing and distribution where fast isn’t good enough, order selection is highly personalized, and every penny must be maximized.
Consider us your NavGuide through the maze of warehouse automation and trends.
The SRSI Blog Plan for Warehouse Innovation Domination

  • Break it down – where it’s best to deploy the newest stuff & where it’s best to hold on to tradition
  • Make it measurable – shinny and pretty doesn’t (always) pay the bills… advice to help you discern
  • Clear & concise – although we’re super smart and we know our readers are too… we could all use a little brain-break now and again, so we’ll keep it simple and just provide the facts that will relate to our customers.

So, that’s the plan. Again, welcome. We’re so glad you found us and we look forward to hearing from you on whatever topic or warehousing challenge you’re dealing with or foresee in the near future.