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Welcome, Tommy!

Tommy Vincent

We are happy to announce that Tommy Vincent recently joined our team of Project Managers. His experience in the Material Handling world includes strong roots within data analytics and project management for a variety of applications. He grew up in Pennsylvania, went to University of Pittsburgh, and later joined the Air Force. This brought him out West to Colorado and New Mexico for a few years, and he ultimately settled in Texas for a position in materials management.

After briefly attending the University of Texas at Arlington for Business, Tommy finished his MBA at Texas Christian University. He dabbled in portfolio analysis and later took on a supply chain management role for a growing company at the time, Nokia which involved logistics and development and supply chain integration projects. Tommy received his PMP certification, C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager), and CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) during this time and became a key asset to his team. His last role before joining SRSI was in electronic distribution managing product and inventory.

“I’ve been fortunate in my career to work in various roles and functions across  supply chain and also in multiple industries such as telecommunications, aerospace and electronics distribution. I have experience in purchasing, inventory management, WMS, system optimization, forecasting operations, and more, and it excites me because the supply chain is a fast-moving space where market conditions are rapidly changing and increasing the value of supply chain optimization to an organization.” Tommy notes about his passion for the material handling.

“Warehouse optimization is driven to respond to different business markets and demands in the economy. I’m eager to work with SRSI because it’s an opportunity to bring my project management skills as well as my broad supply chain background to focus on helping customers achieve optimization in material handling and there supply chain operations.”

Looking back on his experience, Tommy says one of the greatest takeaways from his experience in project management is it taught him to efficiently manage time and handle delays or misinformation from external parties. Maintaining projects and staying on schedule involves having to constantly re-evaluate schedules and get back on track as soon as possible without impacting scope, cost, or quality of the overall project.

Although SRSI has unique teams like Project Management, Engineering, and Sales, everyone comes together to cultivate creativity and innovation into each project. Tommy will work with everyone to optimize organization and communication to deliver excellence to our customers.

When thinking about aspirations within this new position, Tommy looks forward to continuing growth in his supply chain knowledge along with supporting the growth and success of the business, working with customers, and learning more about different industries we support. His day-to-day focus will be getting solutions to customers on time and keeping them happy!

Outside of work, Tommy describes himself as a very simple man! He loves spending time with his daughters, working in his yard, hanging out at the pool, hosting cookouts, and exploring investments and financial instruments. His favorite hobbies include hiking and mountain biking, and he even recently traveled to Kauai and hiked the famous Kalalau trail!