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Constance Kirnie comes to us from Charlotte, North Carolina, as a field Accounts Manager for SRSI. Originally from Rochester New York, Constance attended SUNY at Brockport and majored in Marketing with a focus on B2B. She later moved to Charlotte to start life with her now husband.
Constance was exposed to sales as soon as she entered the workforce. She started in an outside sales position traveling door-to-door and quickly learned the challenges that come with cold-calling. She ultimately learned the value in selling products and services she could stand behind, and with that, how much easier it is to build relationships based on trust and building rapport with customers. Constance recalls the grit she obtained through her initial sales experience along with the motivation to never give up.
Constance Kirnie
Kirnie built experience distribution as a sales representative working with customers of all sizes. She then moved to new-hire training where she worked with individuals at 70+ locations across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Lastly, Constance transitioned into an IT role where she tested, trained, and implemented new CRM systems. Her interactions employees, leadership, and customers from various aspects taught her the ins and outs of how companies operate.
After connecting with a former colleague, Constance decided she was ready for a change of pace. The material handling industry sparked interest with Kirnie because of its everchanging, continuous room for growth and knowledge. Constance values continuous learning and growth, interacting with customers, and problem solving, so naturally, SRSI seemed like a perfect fit.
Constance joined SRSI and hit the ground running learning and exploring a whole new world of information, networking, and markets. She says, “I’m looking forward to contributing my background in sales, marketing, and relationship building.” It’s clear her perseverance and determination will help her connect with existing and new customers with ease. “I also like that it’s a family-owned business. It builds a unique set of values around day-to-day business,” she adds.
“My short-term goals are to absorb as much as possible around our current solutions as well as new technologies out there,” Kirnie describes. Within 3-5 years she looks forward to being a credited, knowledgeable industry professional, leading tradeshow exhibits, and working side by side with seasoned vets to continue growth and success for not only SRSI but customers all over.
Outside of work, Constance loves exploring the city she calls home and spending time with loved ones. “My husband and I just got a puppy, so we love taking her for walks and training. We love trying new restaurants, going to concerts, hiking, and exploring the outdoors and our community,” she comments.
SRSI is just as eager for Constance’s onboarding as she is. One of the quotes she lives by is, “You can’t grow without change,” which is fitting considering SRSI is ever-growing and shifting with market demands. We’re all excited for Constance to dive into the Material Handling Industry, its customers, and the SRSI community!