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SRSI is happy to welcome Jim Hall to the engineering team! Coming to us from Michigan, Jim is a well-rounded, experienced engineer and problem-solver. He has a unique story that has taken him many places and led him through great successes.
Jim Hall
Two things have remained constant in Jim’s life: engineering and music. He moved to Austin, TX after school, and then Los Angeles, to initially focus on building a musical career. He also had an opportunity to become a design engineer for a conveyor manufacturer at the time. Jim never looked back and continued to balance the two as he built his career.
Jim’s niche for design engineering is rooted in architectural design. He grew up working in his dad’s shop and acquired valuable skills he uses to this day. Jim worked for well-known players in the conveyor market and even spent some time in automotive engineering. The combination of conveyor knowledge, his experience with architectural drafting, and project management made Jim an ideal fit for SRSI.
His niche in his new position at SRSI is designing. “There’s not really anything I haven’t tried or done in this space,” mentions Jim. “I’m known as the guy that you can give anything to – system design, structural engineering, down to little widgets. I learned a lot of design and detail working on machine tools with my dad when I was younger.” He added how he started and ran his own consulting company for 20 years after designating most of his time to working with customers at an engineering firm. This only added to Jim’s expertise and diversification across industries in material handling.
Although Jim was not formally looking for a job at the time, SRSI sought him out and recruited him. He plans to stay with the team until retirement and has nothing but wonderful things to say about Chris and everyone else he’s met so far on the team. One of Jim’s goals is to get PMP certified as well as learn and explore the world of automation. He mentions, “Because of the insight the [York] family has, I think SRSI will do well – they are
focused on cutting edge technology and always looking for the next way to do something. No matter what, change is always going to happen, and constantly looking for the next best thing keeps the job exciting.”
Jim Hall plays guitar
On the other side of Jim’s career has always been music. He played for countless private events and even toured the west coast back in the day. Now, he builds guitars and has a collection he’s grown over the years as a hobby. He writes music, has records, and plays for fun these days. Jim even opened for Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson one year! Jim’s favorite music memory was opening for Emerson Drive at Emerald Theater, because it was the first time his kids got to see him play at a big show.
Between having a talented engineer and all-in-one employee, SRSI lucked out finding Jim. We look forward to sharing his design work with our customers for optimized operations!