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As SRSI continues to grow and succeed, a top priority we have is our customers’ growth and success. With that, we are happy to announce the onboarding of Jim Leverett, SRSI Director of Customer Service.

A Bit About Jim Leverett

Jim Leverett

Born and raised in Texas, Jim’s family was heavily involved in the military services. His dad was in the Airforce, and he has moved houses a whopping 28 times! Jim attended Columbus State University for a Business degree and went on to serve in the Marine Corps. After serving seven years, Jim settled in Texas and entered the material handling industry. His career consisted of a lot of traveling, directing the launch of SAP systems, and managing countless distribution centers for major companies.

Leverett’s Industry Experience

Jim began working in the industry when an interview with Nissan Motor Corporation went from being for a service position to a distributions position. Leverett connected well with the interviewers and took a chance at a new role filled with learning and growth opportunities. Without professional experience, Jim exceeded through a supervisor role and into management where he eventually ran the entire distributions operations across multiple centers. This first experience foreshadowed much more success throughout his other positions at major companies.

“Distribution is the backbone of what goes on behind every business. Every business must touch distribution at some point in their operations. Everything you need, down to pens and pencils, comes through the distribution network,” states Leverett. He realized how enormous, complex, and essential the network is as he gained industry experience. He adds, “when you really start getting into someone’s system, you look at all the capabilities. It’s extremely interesting to start planning ways to make someone’s operations run most efficiently. I don’t necessarily know all those things going into projects at the beginning, but it’s fun to figure it out.”

Jim is an expert at managing and overseeing people and systems. The complexity of this comes from communication skills and the ability to get the most out of people. Jim is confident in motivating a team and encouraging a cohesive work environment. This comes with the responsibility of making major decisions, which can be challenging, but Jim’s experience in looking at all angles helps him maintain fluid and efficient operations.

A Bright Future with SRSI

When asked about his new opportunity with SRSI, Jim notes, “I’m excited to mentor young employees and set up our operational end.” SRSI is fully equipped with engineers and sales, but it is essential to continue growing the operational team. Leverett will establish SOP (standard operating procedures), ground rules for the group to work and function to the best of its ability and support our client network.

“As a former customer,” Jim adds, “the worst thing you could do is sell the glitz and glamour and then find out you’re on your own for the long haul. There is not a single system out there that does not encounter mechanical issues, and when the customer depends on those systems to run their operation, they lose money anytime a part is down.” SRSI’s customer service team will stand with customers throughout installations and post-project support to ensure quality maintenance and upkeep of integrated systems. This division of SRSI supports healthy relationships and overall growth and success.

During his spare time, Jim enjoys golfing, hunting, and rebuilding his 1974 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40.

“I appreciate this opportunity and am excited to work with the team,” says Leverett. SRSI is eager to refine our Customer Success division and leverage Jim Leverett’s expertise. Ready to start your warehouse transformation journey with Jim and SRSI? Chat with us today!