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Kirstie Lough:

We’re so excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Kirstie Lough, who has joined SRSI as the Senior Director of Marketing. Kirstie brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts, and we’re excited to have her on board.

A Glimpse into Kirstie’s Background:

Kirstie hails from St. Charles, Missouri, where she has nurtured her passion for marketing and communications. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a focus on Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions from Missouri State University. Her education provided her with a strong foundation in the field and prepared her for the dynamic journey ahead.

Discovering the Material Handling Industry:

Kirstie’s path to the material handling industry was a gradual but purposeful one. Her professional journey led her to this exciting field, which captivated her with its dynamic nature and the ample opportunities it offered for creative marketing and communications strategies. She was particularly drawn to the challenge of promoting products and services in the MH industry, which often involves innovative technology and solutions.

Kirstie’s Niche: Growth Hacking

In the world of marketing and communications, Kirstie’s niche is “growth hacking.” She thrives on challenges and has a knack for thinking outside the box, making her a perfect fit for the ever-evolving material handling sector.

Short- and Long-Term Goals with SRSI:

Kirstie has ambitious goals for her role at SRSI. In the short term, she aims to integrate seamlessly into our team and gain a deep understanding of our products and services. In the long term, she plans to lead and execute successful marketing campaigns that will elevate SRSI’s presence in the material handling industry and contribute to our sustained growth.

The Future of the Material Handling Industry:

Kirstie has a keen eye for industry trends. She believes the material handling industry is undergoing significant transformation, driven by advancements in technology, automation, and supply chain optimization. She foresees a future where the industry continues to evolve, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

What Excites Kirstie About SRSI:

Kirstie is most excited about joining the SRSI team because it provides her with an opportunity to work with a dynamic group of individuals and make a meaningful impact in the material handling sector. Collaborating on product launches and branding initiatives in this industry is a thrilling challenge that aligns perfectly with her expertise and interests.

Beyond the Office:

Outside of work, Kirstie leads a vibrant and diverse life. She loves exploring nature, scuba diving, and spending quality time with her family and dogs. Gardening is another one of her passions, allowing her to nurture life in a different way. She also finds fulfillment in volunteering at her local animal rescue and staying active by participating in 5K races.

A Favorite Quote:

Kirstie shares one of her favorite quotes, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” by Steve Jobs. This quote resonates with her because it emphasizes the importance of passion and enthusiasm in one’s work, which she believes is essential for achieving excellence and making a difference in any industry.

We’re excited to have Kirstie Lough as part of the SRSI family, and we look forward to achieving great success together. Please join us in welcoming her to the team!