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SRSI is excited to welcome our new Director of Operations for Engineering & Project Management, AB Beasley. Originally from northeast Ohio, he studied engineering at the University of Toledo. Post-graduation, AB moved to Pennsylvania with his wife for 12 years and soon after to Maryland, where he has resided for the past nine years.

Coming from an engineering and project management background, AB has experience in a handful of industries. He started in the manufacturing industry doing construction material in roofing, then moved to food packaging and handling. Now, in his latest venture into distribution. Most recently, he was with Under Armour, running their maintenance and engineering for the North American branch.

For the past five to six years, AB’s focus has been on process optimization. Moving on from being hands-on technical to managing engineers and helping them with operations. He finds his new role rewarding- guiding the team through process flow issues and successfully completing the task.

When asked what his goals are to accomplish within the company, the target is to make the process work seamless and flow in the same direction. “Long term, I would like to grow the team, we have lots of headspace for controls and engineering work in the industry,” he states.

“We’re really tapping into the automation market and how robotics and advanced automation help our customers reduce labor costs and increase productivity,” says AB.

What he is most looking forward to at SRSI, AB is excited to get his hands on the newer robotics projects like the RAFT and goods-to-person. “They’re an industry game changer,” he adds.

In his free time, AB is a full-time family man. From jetting to swim practice to soccer games for his two children, there are no sports shortage in the Beasley household. Being the Director of Operations for engineering and project management is not the only new role in AB’s life. He’s taken up a new venture, as a coach for his son’s 5th grade soccer team. He also enjoys working on his 2014 Jeep Wrangler and says he is planning to put in a lift kit on it this summer.

We are excited to have AB join the SRSI team and cannot wait to see what all he will accomplish with us.