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SRSI is happy to announce our newest Junior Electrical Engineer, Kevin Pham, to the team. Kevin joins us as a recent graduate from Purdue University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and minor in math. Born and raised in Indiana, his path to finding what he wanted to pursue began as a freshman in high school.

He begun taking various classes from art to music until finally taking a college engineering course where he worked on projects and learned to develop new things. During his time at Purdue, he researched about the different fields within engineering before deciding that electrical was right up his alley. What interests him the most about electrical engineering is the development of circuit electronics and energy systems.

In his senior year of college, Kevin had a capstone project where him and his team built a camera system that identifies the assembly line and time-lapse for each underbody of a car for their client, General Motors. He and his group presented his project to GM reps, alongside various companies.

When searching for post-grad opportunities, he had a special connection to SRSI, his uncle and current Senior Controls Engineer, Thuy Dang. During his time at SRSI, Thuy was able to provide material handling knowledge and recommended Kevin to join the team.

Along with his new role as junior electrical engineer, it’s also a brand-new industry for him. “So far with the help of John Quamme and Brandon Leonard, I’m enjoying the experience of learning how to program the control carts and how to trouble shoot them,” he says.

“I’m having to learn and adapt as I go, gaining a bunch of experience right away and am starting to get the hang of things.” In the long-term, Kevin hopes to reach the same level as his uncle and become a Senior Controls Engineer.

When asked what he is most looking forward to at SRSI, Kevin is “eager to meet the whole team and learn through their experiences in the industry.” As a travel lover, he is super excited about going to see our customer’s sites across the country.

Out of the office life, Kevin loves to workout, play video games with his friends, and even cook. His favorite dish to make is chicken alfredo, and he says he’s already missing his favorite restaurant in Indiana called Bravo Italian. “Always ask questions, learn from your experiences, and always try to do your best” is his favorite motto to live by. SRSI is extremely excited to add a young, new talent like Kevin to our engineering team and for him to grow in the material handling industry.