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Coming to us from Fort Worth, Texas, SRSI is delighted to announce the onboarding of Madison Siraphet!

She joins the team as the Marketing Coordinator after recently graduating from Texas Tech University. Madison holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and strategic communication management. She interned at an organization named Campus Live Media – a multi-platform media company in Lubbock, Texas who informs and engages the campus community of Texas Tech University. Madison’s experience here included managing all social media as the PR Coordinator.

Madison originally planned to study kinesiology but realized more of a passion around communications-based studies. She has always enjoyed social media and the analytics side of branding, so she switched majors and never looked back. She loved researching strategies behind brands’ success and what specific tactics they use to market themselves. Madison adds how she is eager to bring these researched strategies to SRSI’s marketing team.

During her time in the Texas Tech undergraduate program, Madison did a capstone project involving a team initiative for a local organization. In her position as the media director for the non-profit company, Lubbock Music Now, Madison and her team curated materials for local artists and built strategies to increase brand awareness. Her deliverables included a strategic plan analysis, marketing campaign, and a booklet they pitched to the company. After all their hard work, they were pleased with the news of winning their pitch! Madison mentions she is still seeing positive results from their work on this project.

Madison was introduced to SRSI and the material handling industry through a special connection, her father. As one of SRSI’s project managers, Sam Siraphet was able to provide key insight into the industry for Madison as she considered career opportunities post-graduation. She saw perfect examples of SRSI customers and active projects and received a taste of just how far SRSI’s industry reach can expand.

“I liked the thought of working for a new company, and I recognized the opportunity for growth and potential both on a company level and a personal, professional level,” Madison commented. She is confident she will be an asset to the team and is excited to learn everything there is to know about material handling and intralogistics.

“It’s intriguing how the SRSI team goes into a site and has zero limits of systems and solutions they provide. They can do just about anything and really transform operations to their needs.” -Siraphet

When it comes to marketing initiatives, Madison is eager to write, edit, and design content for SRSI. It’s what she knows best, and she looks forward to adding her creativity to the SRSI marketing strategy. Her short-term goals are to grow in her independence as a young professional, learn about the industry, and retain the information she consumes. She looks forward to growing within the company long-term and being a young leader in the industry. One day, Madison hopes to run her own PR firm.

Madison enjoys reading, shopping, and trying new restaurants in her free time. Her favorite genre of books to read is fiction. She loves shopping specifically for clothes, and her favorite type of food is Italian. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is her favorite quote to live by. The SRSI team is extremely excited to have Madison join the team to continue helping build our brand and leading in the material handling industry! You can connect with Madison on LinkedIn today to get more involved with the SRSI team.