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Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, we introduce our new Senior Systems Engineer, Mariana Alvarado. Originally from Leon, Mexico, Mariana attended the University of Maryland for her undergrad and received her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Cal State in Sacramento, CA.

Initially starting in telecommunications when she lived in San Francisco, Mariana changed roles and was introduced to the material handling industry in 2018 at her previous company, Interroll. There, she started as a mechanical engineer working on roller conveyors and worked her way up to subsystems senior engineer.Mariana Alvarado

Along with being an engineer, Mariana is a great communicator, especially when it comes to explaining the nitty and gritty of roller conveyors. From the mechanics to controls, the fast-paced nature and evolution of technology intrigue her. She looks forward to understanding and educating herself about all the conveyor suppliers that SRSI is partnered with. With that, also learning the racks and controls to close the circle, Mariana describes it. What she is most excited about at SRSI is the “broad range of items and project solutions. Combining different components and variations into one seems like a good challenge to me.”

With the material handling industry today, Mariana notices the high demand for e-commerce and the push for distribution centers.

With her knowledge, Mariana will make an impactful contribution and curate the growth of both our main and Mexico branches.

Most weekends, you can find Mariana and her husband bowling out and around. Fun fact, her husband is a professional bowler! When she’s not setting a personal best, she’s a huge action movie lover and likes to re-watch her favorite movie, Baby Driver, alongside her two miniature schnauzers. Mariana is also an avid cook, her favorite dishes being Mexican and Italian food.

SRSI is elated to have Mariana join our team, and we cannot wait to see how much she grows in the engineering field. You can connect with Mariana on LinkedIn today to keep up with the SRSI team.