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SRSI welcomed Mark Wry to the team as a Systems Solution Manager in December 2021. Mark will primarily work within the front end of SRSI’s process making sure the proper solution is assigned to the customer’s challenge. Working closely with both account managers and engineers, Mark will act as the key manager for connecting problem solving with design work, data analysis, and project integration.

Born and raised in Southern California, Mark began his career in Rialto, CA. His education includes a handful of associate degrees including math, science, and humanities. He received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at Cal Poly Pomona and later went on to receive his master’s in systems engineering.

Mark spent just under eight years working at American sports equipment company, Under Armour. He also spent some time as an engineer working for a major 3PL company. After experiencing what Mark described as all phenomenal opportunities, he chose to continue broadening his experience in material handling for further exposure to FDA accounts, chemical distribution, and other industries.

“As you get into various accounts across a wide variety of industries, it opens the door to many new solution opportunities that may have otherwise not been explored,” Mark notes. “A common phrase in warehousing is, ‘that’s the way we’ve always done things,’ which can end up blocking innovative ideas to come to life,” he added. Mark utilized his experience at the 3PL company to gain exposure to more constraints and situations so he could provide more higher quality solutions to other clients. He likes the simplicity of the supply chain – moving items from point A to point B, and he described how exploring different operating practices really drives the types of solutions that are provided.

Mark has applied a lot of his industrial and systems engineering training towards both micro and macro perspectives. Industrial engineering involves more analysis, detail-oriented work, while systems engineering is more focused on the ‘30,000 ft view for how it all connects together,’ as Mark puts it. He always considers both the detailed analysis and the integrator sides of the coin so everything can work smoothly together and meet each goal. “From a practical standpoint, most of my experience has led up to expertise in labor and performance management. I better understand how solutions are expected to perform in aspects of throughput,” Mark explains.

Looking ahead at the new opportunity with SRSI, Mark recognizes the team’s performance on the forefront of the industry. He adds, “we are pushing a lot of solutions that are uncomfortable for supply chain businesses. Demand for products and rapid deliveries are becoming the new norm, which makes regional supply chains crucial. Right now, many supply chains are not set up to handle that well, so automation and strategically placed regional warehouses will have to respond to this need.”

What does the future hold for Mark? Aside from delivering the most innovative solutions to customers, his future possibly holds a PhD in systems engineering. He has identified a gap in higher education pertaining to the supply chain and hopes to bring thought leadership on systems engineering to more supply chain solutions.

Outside of work, Mark is involved with the USPCA, enjoys shooting sports, wood and metal working, and hiking with his wife. They have two dogs that keep them busy and active! Mark is excited to immerse himself with the SRSI team helping mentor new engineers and working with the sales team.