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Coming from Cornelius, North Carolina, we welcome a new member of the WMS team, Todd Barber. Originally from Denver, North Carolina, Todd attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he studied finance.

He was first introduced to the material handling industry from his previous role at Europa Sports Products. There, he started as a warehouse associate part-time and worked his way up to business operations and analysis manager.

From his experience, Todd’s specialty is putting data and numbers together- making it operational and most efficient into an improved process.

Todd heard about SRSI from James Ruffini, our Systems Solutions Specialist. They worked alongside each other at their previous company for about 20 years. Once James joined the support department at SRSI, he reached out to Todd about the growing opportunities and great company culture. From there, the rest is history!

For his current goals, Todd wants to learn as much as he can about the ongoing projects and technology at SRSI. He’s even taken a couple trips to our client’s sites already! In the long term, Todd wants to continue to learn, absorb, and adapt to the new technology we implement; along with progressing with the company as he goes.

What he’s most excited about in starting at SRSI is the technology and automation. “The robots are really unique and are going to change the material handling and warehouse industry,” he says. “Especially getting to be part of the process of implementing them,” Todd adds.

In his free time, Todd likes to work out and travel. During the pandemic, him and his wife built an at-home gym in their garage. His favorite place to travel to is a small island in Mexico. He loves to go with a group of his friends at least once a year. SRSI is so glad to have Todd part of our team! Connect with him on LinkedIn to keep up with him.