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Automation is the name of the game. Studies have shown that 74% of employees prefer automated services. Not only that but at its core, automated services, linked to premier software such as WES (Warehouse Execution Systems) can increase supply-chains productivity by up to 300%. Using good-to-robot tech, mixed with Warehouse Execution Systems can supercharge your picking, for example. Manual methods allow workers to pick approximately 75 to 150 items per hour, while automated tools can supercharge this process, enabling systems to pick and package between 200 to 800 items in the same time frame. In this article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of innovation, particularly the 7 reasons why you need a Warehouse Execution System to stay competitive. 

What is warehouse execution?

Warehouse execution is a process that helps in the distribution of goods from the warehouse to the customer. It also includes all aspects of warehousing, including inventory management and storage, as well as order fulfillment and shipping. It’s one of the core processes of a warehouse or distribution center.

WES Warehouse Execution System

Warehouse execution is a process that involves many steps and can be broken down into three different stages: Planning, Execution, and Control.

  • Planning: The first stage of warehouse execution is planning. In this stage, you need to think about what you are going to do with your inventory in your warehouse and how you are going to manage it. You also need to think about how you are going to distribute your products in order for them to reach their destination as quickly as possible.
  • Execution: The second stage of warehouse execution is execution. In this stage, you need to put into place all of the plans that were made during the planning and execute them.
  • Control: In the final stage you will need to supervise and manage not only your inventory but the process of warehouse execution. Your employees, your systems, your automation tools.

Warehouse execution system (WES) – what is it?

WES or Warehouse Execution System is a computerized digital process used in a distribution center or warehouse to manage and orchestrate the physical flow of items and products — from receiving all the way to shipping. WES software analyzes and organizes your process, steps, and sequences. It takes into account automated services – such as drones and robotic tools – as well as manual services – your staff/workers. The software takes into account both branches and audits all the moving parts necessary to transport goods within your business, including receiving, checking, and sorting inbound items, put-away, sorting customer orders, packing, loading, order assembly, shipping, etc.

Warehouse Execution software works in real-time and enables the complete control of multiple departments and warehouse processes – including inventory, personnel management, machines, and support services. They are dynamic and can pivot at a moment’s notice, adapting to changes in areas. They are an intermediate step between ERP systems – Enterprise Resource Planning and the rescuers needed to perform various automated warehouse processes.

7 beneficial reasons to use warehouse execution system/software

One of the biggest byproducts/consequences of the rise of e-commerce is the need for fast intelligent automated solutions – such as software – to support the speed and complexity of omnichannel fulfillment. This very complex multi-channel methodology causes enormous pressure on most warehouses and distribution centers. Today, these facilities need to keep up with higher order volumes — including rapid processing or small e-commerce orders. 

This is the primary reason why most managers and businesses are flocking to WES — they ensure faster turnarounds, while also analyzing your supply chain with near real-time precision.

Some benefits of WES

Real-time order status & results

Managers can take advantage of the warehouse execution system’s ability to optimize an order’s real-time status. This means they can improve productivity, and worker efficiency, and minimize labor. By having a current idea of how your processes are doing right that instance, managers can channel people and automated tools to other areas. 

Warehouse Execution System

Multiple picking options

Dynamic systems and picking options that can be coordinated right from a dashboard — not only that, but with intelligent work orchestration, managers can effectively pivot their systems. They can supercharge them so it takes into account seasonal changes for example. 

Optimized people and robots

Warehouse Execution software can optimize your systems and your tools – such as automated services and people – by coordinating them to work simultaneously. 

Accurate order processing & On-time delivery

Warehouses have managed to increase their accuracy rates to 99.99% with an efficient pick — by optimizing their audit criteria thanks to warehouse execution systems/software they’ve reduced costs associated with mistakes. 

Optimized resource & labor allocation

From improved worker safety to minimizing labor thanks to predictive workforce planning, a well-customized WES platform will do wonders for resource allocation. For workers, it has even improved morale, making routines easier to perform, faster, and more fun.

Reduction in system congestion

By optimizing most processes, including inventory by using dynamic, slotting protocols, WES can improve and reduce most of your system errors and avoid congestion in periods of increased orders.

Heightened visibility

With real-time analysis comes improved manager effectiveness. Managers will be able to control their whole operation, transparently, right from an intuitive dashboard. 

WES Software

What warehouse execution problems can be easily solved by implementing WES into your workflow?

Warehouses are the backbone of any successful business. With a well-run warehouse, you can ensure that your products are delivered on time and in the right condition to your customers. A warehouse execution system software, at its core, is software that helps to automate the process of managing and controlling warehouses. It improves the efficiency of the warehouse by increasing its productivity. It makes a warehouse and DC more competitive and adaptable. By implementing and properly configuring a WES, warehouses can grow their current intake — not only in amount but in variety. Taking in new clients, giving customers a higher quality of service, and reducing their costs. 

Think optimization and control your warehouse with WES software. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.