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Unveiling SwiftCurrent, SRSI’s Next-Generation Warehouse Execution System

The next generation of warehouse execution systems begins at SRSI’s front door. The revolutionary RAFT ASRS is unlike any other ASRS operation due to its multidirectional pallet shuttle systems and its ability to adapt. The robot is aware of its own battery- life and charging stations, fully automated, flexible and scalable to any warehouse, and ultimately saves time and labor costs by navigating inventory storage and order fulfillment. These advantages are all due to SwiftCurrent, a proprietary warehouse execution system (WES). The nature of this system is to be the ultimate software package; easily configurable to WES, WCS, and previously used WES. SwiftCurrent works seamlessly with RAFT to deliver SRSI’s client’s custom, adaptable order fulfillment solution. Let’s delve into the intricacies of SwiftCurrent and how it serves as the brain behind the RAFT, driving unparalleled performance and adaptability in warehouse operations.

Cloud-Powered Agility

SwiftCurrent is anchored on a robust 5G cloud-based platform, ensuring real-time connectivity and data access for optimized decision-making. Its cloud-native architecture enables seamless integration with existing warehouse systems and facilitates rapid deployment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Using smart-application technology, and real-time analytics, SwiftCurrent assesses orders, inventory, labor and material handling systems to effectively execute order fulfillment. Chris Ladoulis, Software Development Manager at SRSI, gave us more insight into how this program stands out: “There are cloud-based systems in the market, and there are on premises solutions as well. What makes SwiftCurrent unique is that we handle both.” Chris went on to talk about the advantages of having a hybrid model like SwiftCurrent in charge, stating, operators can use emulated devices to test on premises equipment, monitor and deploy full solutions remotely, and feed real time data to offsite digital twins or data lakes for analysis.” From storage to picking and through shipping SwiftCurrent determines the most productive flow and resource allocation.

Customizability and Speed

One of SwiftCurrent’s defining features is its innate flexibility and rapid implementation capabilities. With SwiftCurrent, customization is not just a possibility—it’s a standard. The SRSI Team will configure a solution for the SwiftCurrent to be able to ensure synchronous alignment with their warehouse operations on day one. Customers can take part by scheduling a VR tour with the SRSI Team. From there a customizable tour will be created to allow the customer to visualize the entire operation before spending a dollar.

Maximizing Storage Density and Accessibility

In collaboration with the RAFT AS/RS system, SwiftCurrent orchestrates a symphony of movement within the warehouse, optimizing storage density and pallet accessibility. By leveraging a 3-dimensional “lift and run” approach, SwiftCurrent ensures efficient pallet storage and retrieval, maximizing space utilization while minimizing operational bottlenecks. This innovative design eliminates the need for complex crane systems, making ceiling height constraints a thing of the past.

Adaptive Intelligence for Operational Excellence

SwiftCurrent’s advanced analytics engine harnesses the power of real-time data to drive operational excellence. By continuously evaluating orders, inventory levels, and labor resources, SwiftCurrent dynamically adjusts workflows to maximize efficiency and productivity. Its modular architecture allows for easy scalability, empowering warehouses to adapt to evolving market demands and operational challenges seamlessly.

Empowering Warehouse Management

SwiftCurrent empowers warehouse operators to tailor their workflows with ease, delivering shorter cycle times, accurate order processing, on-time deliveries, optimized labor allocation and reduction in system congestion. With SwiftCurrent at their fingertips, warehouse managers gain unprecedented control and visibility in their operations. Its intuitive user interface provides actionable insights and enables proactive decision-making, empowering managers to address issues promptly and optimize resource allocation. From inventory management to order processing, SwiftCurrent streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and ensures superior customer experience.

The Future of Warehousing, Today

SwiftCurrent represents the pinnacle of warehouse execution technology—a powerful yet intuitive solution designed for the demands of the modern supply chain. As warehouses strive to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving market landscape, SwiftCurrent stands ready to orchestrate by revolutionizing operations, driving efficiency, agility, and innovation at every turn. When asked what the future could look like for SRSI RAFT with SwiftCurrent technology behind its brain, Chris Ladoulis expands on this idea of an orchestrated symphony stating, “SwiftCurrent opens so many doors for [SRSI] — we can deploy RAFT across different environments, support other devices and orchestrate the whole follow within one system; proving a more flexible solution while reducing the risk and expense of our customers.”   

SwiftCurrent is not just the brain behind the RAFT—it’s the driving force propelling warehouse operations into the future. With its cloud-powered agility, customizable workflows, and adaptive intelligence, SwiftCurrent empowers warehouses to achieve operational excellence and exceed customer expectations. Experience the transformative power of SwiftCurrent today and unlock the full potential of your warehouse operations.

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