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Ensuring Longevity and Planning for the Future


The cold chain industry is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to become a $428 billion industry within the next five years, according to MarketsandMarkets. As demand for cold storage facilities increases, so does the need for innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by this dynamic sector. One of the most effective strategies for ensuring the longevity and future success of cold storage facilities is automation. In this article, we will explore the benefits of automating cold storage facilities, the challenges faced by traditional labor-dependent operations, and the key solutions that automation brings to the table.

The Growing Importance of Cold Chain Automation

The cold chain plays a crucial role in preserving the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products. As the industry continues to expand, manual labor alone can no longer meet the demands for efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. By embracing automation, cold storage facilities can achieve higher productivity, minimize human errors, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall safety.

The Labor Challenge in Cold Storage Facilities

Maintaining a skilled and dedicated workforce in cold storage facilities is often a daunting task. The extreme working conditions and low temperatures can make it challenging to find and retain laborers for these job tasks. High turnover rates, increased risk of injuries, and the need for frequent breaks add to the complexity of managing human resources in such an environment. This is where automation presents an attractive alternative, relieving the need for constant labor management.

Unleashing the Power of Automation

Here are some key automation solutions that are transforming the cold storage industry:

  1. Right Angle Fast Transfer AS/RS (RAFT): RAFT AS/RS systems can autonomously transport and store goods, optimizing inventory management and reducing the need for manual forklift operation.
  2. Pallet Conveyor Systems: Automated pallet conveyors streamline the movement of goods within the facility, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of human errors.
  3. Dimensioners: These automated devices accurately measure the dimensions of pallets and products, facilitating better space utilization and load planning.
  4. Pallet Wrappers (Stretch Wrappers): Automating the wrapping process ensures consistency and tightness of pallet wraps, ensuring product stability during transportation and storage.

Benefits of Automation

Automating your cold storage facility offers numerous benefits:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Automation improves workflow, reduces processing time, and enables seamless movement of goods throughout the facility.
  2. Cost Savings: While the initial investment in automation might be substantial, the long-term savings on labor costs, reduced errors, and optimized operations provide a significant return on investment within a relatively short period.
  3. Minimized Downtime: Automated systems, such as RAFT AS/RS, experience less downtime compared to traditional manual handling equipment, ensuring consistent productivity.
  4. Enhanced Safety: By reducing the need for human intervention in hazardous environments, automation helps to enhance the safety of both workers and products.
  5. Better Inventory Management: Automation allows for precise tracking of inventory, minimizing losses due to mishandling and expiration.
  6. Integration with ERP Systems: Automation solutions can seamlessly integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, facilitating smoother data flow and better decision-making processes.


The cold chain industry is undergoing tremendous growth, and automation is proving to be a critical factor in ensuring the longevity and future success of cold storage facilities. By embracing automation, companies can overcome the challenges associated with labor management, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety. Investing in the right automation solutions, such as RAFT AS/RS, pallet conveyor systems, and dimensioners, can yield significant returns on investment and set businesses on a path of sustainable growth in the rapidly expanding cold chain sector. In a competitive and dynamic market, the time to automate your cold storage facility is now – securing a prosperous future for your business and the valuable products it handles.

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