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VLM systems, in many cases, are a must when it comes to modern logistic centers. They are flexible, intuitive, dynamic, and above all, incredibly advantageous for your workers, allowing a more rapid response when it comes to order picking.

In today’s highly demanding and competitive atmosphere, the main objective of any operation is efficiency — how to streamline your supply chain, optimizing its potential and efficiency, while also cutting out the fat. Making it lean and strong. Vertical storage and retrieval systems grant you the opportunity to do just that, by implementing a cost-effective, extremely low-storage solution, with amazing benefits.

Vertical storage systems and traditional static shelving — the differences

A vertical storage system is designed to require much less warehouse space than its peers. Its main advantage and its main difference lie in its construction and ergonomic principles. Vertical Lift Modules require up to 80%-90% LESS space than the traditional model. Its whole objective is based on creativity and efficiency — reducing space and maximizing functionality.

An automated vertical system’s mechanism allows for items to be picked and delivered at a more rapid pace and a height suitable for workers. You typically do not need any extra tools or machines to use a VLM system.

Benefits of VLMs


A VLM system adapts to your working environment and your operating means. It helps make more sense of your logistics as well as the space you have available, reducing lifting and allowing your staff to reach the content of pallets much easier. Say goodbye to injury risk and physical strain from picking with VLMs.

Frees Up Space

The more space you have, the more you can store. Instead of having to turn down contracts because you’ve run out of space or having to rent out or buy a supplemental warehouse, a VLM system can help you find more room in your current configuration — enabling your business to expand.

VLM system can help you find more room in your configuration

Better accuracy

Vertical storage systems can help the way your inventory is moved, managed, and coordinated. Advanced algorithms and software can help you keep a better track of what you have and where it is stored.

Increased security

Part of the benefits of a VLM system is the fact that its software has been adapted to today’s demands. That includes password protection and accessibility control.


VLMs are customizable to your workspace limitations. They are incredibly versatile, diverse and can rapidly adapt to your specific needs and help you optimize your workspace incredibly fast. Whether the items you are storing are small or large, your VLM can be customized to store it all.

Your work algorithm and VLM

Great and effective warehouse management depends, mostly, on the organization and coordination of the process and stakeholders. Within this framework, it is important to have a strategy that considers your storing needs and mechanism — hence the use of algorithms to save time.

Using algorithms in your warehouse is key to employing Business Intelligence into your operations. They optimize the way products are stored, give preference to high-rotation items, and are essential for product categorization.

How does a VLM work?


A VLM system first ID’s a package and categorizes it according to your warehouse/business’ sorting algorithm. Each business has a different practice and different way of approaching classification.


Once it finishes detecting the package, it measures it and calculates its dimension. It scours its software and determines a place to store the package — a precise location where the item’s measurements and rotation demands meet halfway.


It IDs and tags the package for easier and faster access by its automated system and lifting mechanisms.


The Industrial vertical storage system then positions that item in an assigned nook and precisely catalogs its place in its mainframe.


Lastly, the vertical storage system safeguards the item with password protection. It only allows access to the stored good to those that have the required codes and passwords. This limits interaction with the item and better guards its contents. When prompted to be pulled, the VLM will relocate the desired item and deliver it back to the ergonomically located access point.

Why choose a VLM?

In essence, VLMs increase your productivity and give you great ROI. A VLM system is faster, more precise, more flexible, allows for expansion, and increases your turnover for goods. It is a fully optimized lift system that’s designed to your needs and your way of operating. It decreases labor cost and salvages floor space — and, more to the point, it cuts the fat: optimizing your operations. Contact SRSI today to discover the VLM with the perfect fit for your business. (817) 953-8740.

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