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Nowadays, technology can make or break your order fulfillment schedule. Warehouses are scrambling to stay relevant, to be competitive, to maintain their edge. One of the more rapidly growing trends, due to their efficiency and productivity gains, is voice picking technology. Worldwide, this too is expected to have a market growth of 15.3% annually, and – by the year 2025 – experts predict it will reach a $2.9 billion value-point in the industry.

With its combination of speech synthesis, interactive responses, and real-time communication, voice picking technology can help optimize your whole operation — boosting your capacity to land new clients, your overall productivity, and even reducing your employee training time. In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of voice picking technology, and what exactly it is.

What is voice picking technology?


Voice picking technology solutions, particularly when it comes to warehouse management, are paperless hands-free platforms that use per-programed and incredibly specific voice commands to help direct order fulfillment. Staff is guided to a direct location in your warehouse and the program tells them which product to pick to complete a particular order.

Its biggest takeaway is that it not only significantly improves order accuracy, but also allows warehouse workers to move quickly across your floor and leaves their hands and eyes free for other vital tasks.

How does voice picking technology work?


Voice picking technology uses simple language to communicate information across the supply chain to warehouse workers. It is also known, within the industry, as “pick-by-voice” or “voice-directed warehousing”.

Pickers wear comfortable headsets with industrial microphones. The mic, in turn, connects to a mobile device that runs cutting-edge software that tells workers where to go and what items or products to pick. Once the worker arrives at their destination, the picket says the item’s reference code, and the system immediately validates its accuracy and timing.

how voice picking works

This type of technology can also incorporate other complementary tools such as RFID – radio frequency identification – as well as barcode scanners.

A step by step on how voice picking technology in a warehouse works

Voice picking technology is quite simple and it normally starts when your worker dons the pre-configured headset.

  • Each worker is assigned specific duties. These duties are assigned to them through their headset and are normally handed out by an automated system that’s linked up to a special-purpose mobile computer.
  • The system imports orders from the warehouse’s management system or ERP software.
  • The system analyzes the orders and creates a map of that item’s cruise through your warehouse.
  • Voice picking technology speaks instructions to the warehouse order detailing the task and providing the location.
  • The worker feeds information back, like reference codes or queries, via voice, text, or through their barcode scanner.
  • The system confirms location and items and tells the operator to pick quantities.
  • When the task is complete, the operator/picker is sent promptly to their next location.
  • All interactions are recorded and can be viewed by managers.

voice order picking

Advantages of voice picking technology


Voice picking technology can be used in all types of warehouses. They are particularly suited for large warehouses that have a high volume of different times, like those devoted to e-commerce. Some of the benefits of this type of technology are:

  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Boost speed and order accuracy
  • Increases your productivity
  • Improves your overall warehouse safety
  • Reduces errors
  • Shortens training time

voice picking advantages

Is voice picking technology right for you?


Right now, voice picking technology is used in a vast array of industries, and in many cases, it has become key to a warehouse’s competitiveness. Voice picking technology can be integrated into most warehouse processes, including cross-docking software, inventory management, replenishment orders, outbound conveyors, etc.

The truth is that anything that makes you more competitive, more technologically savvy, and more automated gives you an edge. Voice picking technology is one of many tools warehouses are employing today to stay up-to-date and be as efficient as possible. If you are interested in taking the next step in exploring the fit of voice picking technology in your warehouse or distribution center, contact SRSI: [email protected]