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Welcome Marcela Martinez, Marketing Coordinator in Mexico!

We are thrilled to introduce Marcela Martinez, our marketing coordinator for SRSI Mexico! Marcela comes from Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, and has a background in international marketing and consumer behavior. In 2020, she took on the challenge of pursuing a master’s degree in Neuromarketing and Consumer Behavior at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, even amidst the pandemic.

Her Introduction to the MH Industry

Since joining SRSI, Marcela has shown great enthusiasm for learning about the material handling industry. She was amazed by the complexity of the logistics solutions for distribution centers and warehouses and the technology and planning required to meet customer demands. Marcela’s experience in creating social media content, market research, and graphic design will be a valuable addition to our team.

Marcela’s Goals with SRSI

Marcela has set both short and long-term goals for her role at SRSI. In the short term, she aims to learn more about intralogistics solutions, understand our client’s needs, and help SRSI gain more brand awareness in Mexico. In the long term, she hopes to position SRSI as one of the most important solutions providers in the country.

Marcela’s interest in the material handling industry and her appreciation for the warehouse technology that aims to enhance workers’ safety and morale are truly impressive. She believes in improving the efficiency of distribution centers while prioritizing worker safety and morale, a value that is very much in line with our company’s philosophy.

We are delighted to have Marcela as part of our team at SRSI. Her positive attitude and dedication to teamwork make her a great addition to our company culture.

In her Free Time…

Marcela enjoys experimenting with makeup and fashion, always keeping up with the latest trends while listening to music.

We look forward to working with Marcela and seeing her accomplish her goals with SRSI. Welcome aboard, Marcela!