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Voice picking helps eliminate the need for a paper list, labels, handheld tablets, and reduce picking mistakes. Voice picking system is a form of automated picking where the order is generated by a computer and then picked by a human. It’s fast, efficient, and optimizes productivity.

What are Voice Picking Systems?

Voice picking systems are used in warehouses to optimize the picking process. The voice picking  system generates an order for the warehouse worker to pick from, which can be done more quickly than if they had to manually select each item. This results in improved efficiency and productivity for the warehouse.

Voice-activated picking is an automated ordering system that employs voice recognition software to generate orders for warehouse workers to pick from, optimizing the ordering process and resulting in improved efficiency and productivity for the warehouse.

What are the common challenges and errors in the warehouse picking process?

The picking process in the warehouse is one of the most important steps to ensure that orders are fulfilled and shipped on time. The warehouse picking process is a complex process and it requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience. Many challenges can arise during this process such as errors. The common errors in the warehouse picking process include:

– Errors with barcodes

– Errors with quantities

– Errors with weight

– Errors with product identification numbers

– Errors with pick lists

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Most of these errors or mistakes undermine your operation, not only causing massive delays as you try to fix them, but in many cases, shipping of wrong items. These mistakes ultimately hurt your reputation, and can sabotage your profit margins — as you will have no other choice but to re-deliver items and fix the original order fulfillment.

Benefits of Voice Picking System in a Warehouse

Warehouse voice pick technology has the potential to increase order accuracy and productivity. The system, which works by handing out verbal instructions and having workers interact with software via their voice, frees your staffs’ hands and eyes in such a way that it makes them more efficient, productive, and accurate.

Among the many advantages of this tech are:

Reduced Mistakes

Warehouse voice picking systems, a recent study unveiled, can actually improve accuracy rates by 100%. It helps your workers focus solely on their tasks.

Improved Worker Safety

Pickers often have their hands tied or in use during picking operations — either with box cutters and other potentially dangerous tools, or lifting heavy objects. Voice picking allows them to free up their hands, focus on fewer things, which in turn improves your warehouse’s overall safety standards.

Simplified Hiring

One of the great things about the current voice picking solutions is that they are multilingual. This means that it translates orders from English to other languages. This opens up a much larger labor pool of potential workers, since now you are no longer limited by language barriers.

Reduction in Staff Turnover

Most workers enjoy using voice picking technology on account of the fact that it makes their job not only easier, but safer. They feel more efficient, which translates to more energy output on their part and better productivity levels. Happier workers mean less staff turnover.

Increased Productivity

Free hands mean faster and more efficient productivity. Why? Workers will no longer have to put down devices or check and double-check instruction sheets. They will no longer have distractions and can concentrate solely on picking products.

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Faster Up-Time for Learning

Voice-directed picking requires little to no training. It is intuitive and guides operators through tasks with simple and easy-to-follow voice prompts. Since training is minimal, having voice-picking tech means you can create an ideal warehouse for seasonal workers – when you need extra hands due to demand.

Real-Time Visibility into Workers’ Performance

Voice picking directs workers to where they need to be. This means you will no longer have congestion of workers and pickers stationed in one spot — the system directs them efficiently, and with some other automated tweaks, managers can have real-time visibility on their worker’s location and their performance.

Boost Speed

Voice-activated picking can supercharge your warehouse’s order-fulfillment rates. Your workers will perform tasks faster, which means that orders can be shipped out at a quicker rate.

Satisfied Customers

Today, a customer’s satisfaction is often linked to how fast they get their orders filled. Voice picking tech improves this aspect of your operation, which translates to happier customers.

Easy Adaptability

Warehouse voice picking technology is easy to adapt to your current systems. It can mold into any warehouse structure regardless of automated systems or managing software, making for ease of integration with existing systems.

Pick to Voice Warehouse Systems

With an average cost of shipping, per error of $50 and $300, voice picking is easily worth the investment. Picking errors range between 10 to 30 per 1,000 picks. That’s between 1% to 3% error margin. Each one costs you money. With voice picking tech, you can reduce these margins by 99.9%. Introduce a voice picking solution to your warehouse today – contact SRSI and let us guide you through the process.