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We are thrilled to announce that Elliot Shaw has joined our team as a Software Developer! Hailing from Winter Park, Colorado, Elliot attended Western Colorado University, where he obtained degrees in Math, Computer Science, and Recreation and Outdoor Education. Currently residing in Northwest Montana, Elliot enjoys the beauty of the great outdoors and indulges in his favorite sport, skiing. In his free time, you might even catch Elliot playing the banjo!

Elliot was drawn to our company by the strong persuasion of his manager, Chris Ladoulis, and the exciting opportunity to build a new project from scratch. With a strong background in math, Elliot handles the complexities behind solving algorithms, complementing his expertise in computer science. Although relatively fresh out of school, Elliot is eager to continue learning and expanding his knowledge.

In the short term, Elliot’s focus will be on developing clean and maintainable first iterations of working solutions to address current drawbacks. Looking ahead, this long-term goal is to solve the traffic and routing challenges we face, which will involve extensive study and testing. Elliot sees a promising future in robotics and believes there is untapped potential in this field.

Elliot is excited about the opportunity to solve a captivating problem and contribute to our success. When not immersed in coding, you might find Elliot climbing mountains and skiing mountains, or enjoying a delicious chicken meal.

With his passion, skills, and determination, we are confident that he will make a significant impact on our team and drive us toward new heights. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Elliot, we are excited to have him on board, and we look forward to witnessing his contributions to our company’s growth!