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In warehouse distribution and most facilities nowadays, vertical lift modules or VLM have become all the rage. Why? Because of their huge benefits. They pack a huge bang for their value. Vertical lift module storage systems are incredibly important when it comes to warehouse optimization. In this article, we’re going to dive deep into what vertical lift modules are, the benefits they provide, and which industries can ultimately use them the most, and why.

What is a vertical lift module?


Vertical lift modules (VLM) are enclosed systems that consist of various columns, normally two. Each column consists of trays with an inserter/extractor that are then stored and transported. The inserter/extractor automatically finds stored trays and retires them from both the front and the back of the unit — all following simple commands from an operator on a touch screen.

VLMs/Vertical lift storage modules are designed to deliver stored items in haste and eliminate the walk and search time of the whole process. They are ergonomically created and designed for all your operators/employees and can increase your productivity by over 60%.

They are available in various heights and widths and are expertly designed to meet most business’ requirements. With a vertical lift module storage system, businesses can expand their operations, scale up their plans and consolidate their facilities in a fast and simple manner.

Benefits of Automated Vertical Lift Modules



Vertical lift modules can help you better organize your warehouse. They are capable of expanding your operation, instead of horizontally, vertically — upwards. Traditional solutions usually come at the cost of more of your warehouse square footage. VLMs maximize your space and can even add more space to your existing warehouse/DC. This allows you the freedom to fund other investments that could benefit from your floor space.

vertical lift modules maximize warehouse space


The access interface is configured to your team’s needs and unique operations. Only certain operators have access to trays and the functions of the vertical lift module storage unit. Only authorized users are capable of removing and inserting products or packages. This function limits overall access and provides more control over your stock and inventory.


Most Vertical lift module storage systems are designed for long-term and continuous use. That means safety, maintenance, and ergonomics are a primary concern when installing and implementing them. They can be personalized to individual employees, allowing them a more pleasurable dynamic with the machine.


Vertical lift module storage systems are incredibly easy to manage and operate. They come equipped with pre-configured commands and a personalized interface that is incredibly intuitive. It’s as easy as interacting with your smart phone. What makes them so accurate is the fact that right out of the box they come pre-installed with all sorts of sensors and functions — and, as if that wasn’t enough, they are extremely flexible. You can add on other equipment to it, like laser pointers, which can provide even more control.


Automated monitoring — One of the biggest benefits of a VLM system is that they are controlled by carefully calibrated software. A software package can be configured to your specs and give you a wide range of solutions.


Vertical lift module storage systems are built to last and run efficiently without the need for maintenance and downtime. If you do hit a snag, most come equipped with trained technicians and expert help. They are far more durable and robust than other systems which utilize belts and chains. SRSI provides an additional layer of support with RAPIDs when you purchase a VLM through us.

Different products

Another huge benefit of these automated storage systems is the fact that they can accommodate different product mixes. You won’t have to limit yourself to one market, one good, one industry. Each tray can be configured to store items of varying weight, length, and height. With the proper help, and a proper consulting firm like SRSI, you can buy highly dynamic vertical lift module storage systems that align with your needs, allowing you to have faster access to different items while keeping them protected and safe.

What industries can benefit from employing Vertical Lift Modules?


Right now, all industries can benefit from employing any sort of automated system. VLMs are just one of the available options that can turn out to be critical in scaling your operations and being more dynamic and competitive. Why? They give you a competitive edge by employing state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Faster response, faster ability to meet your client’s demands, and more dynamic product lifecycle.

benefits of vlms for different industries

The main industries employing Vertical Lift Modules and reaping the rewards right now are:

  • metals & machinery
  • automotive
  • electronics
  • aerospace
  • food & beverages manufacturing companies
  • healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers
  • e-commerce
  • general retail

How much does a vertical lift module cost?


Multiple factors can influence the cost of a VLM system. This includes add-ons and how customizable you want it. Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh the cost and in any case, you will recover your investment in a matter of months. These superior systems with cutting-edge reliability and 24/7 access can do wonders for your business. The availability of VLMs has increased, which has also encouraged small to medium-sized enterprises to benefit from this automated storage and retrieval system. If you’re ready to organize your spare parts or inventory, optimize your current space, and increase your operations efficiency, give us a call to get set up with a customized VLM today.